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Kepler Audiobook Post Production Studio

Audio Editing & Mastering Service

Better audio quality. Expert results.

Kepler Solutions

Audio Editing & Mastering Service

Better audio quality. Expert results.

Transcribing, ACX & Audio Editing Service

Audio Enhancement & Editing Service

Audio editing, dialogue noise suppression, and speech enhancement service.
High-quality audio with fast turnaround.

Audio Industry Services

Dialogue Mixing & Mastering

Speech Enhancement

Noise Reduction

Audio File

Optional Audio Services


We specialize in eliminating imperfections, unwanted noise, and enhancing audio recordings.

Fast turn-around and competitive-priced audio editing services.

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*VIP Loyalty Program discounts only apply to the editing and mastering audio files portion, not the whole order. Hours are based on audio finished hours (PFH).

How It Works

3 Easy Steps.

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What you will receive.

Crisp Clean Audio

Audio editing and mastering services include removing ambient noise, enhancing audio, and more!

Audio Files

Receive 2 Standard File Formats:
.WAV 44.1KHz 16-bit stereo file
.MP3 320bps stereo file

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Get professional-sounding audio ready for upload.

Kepler Solutions specializes in editing and mastering audio based on submission requirements.

Standard Audio Editing Package

The Works Audio Enhancement